Suzanna's Journey

Breast cancer has touched each of our lives. At the same time as our quilt was evolving, our friend Suzanna, a breast cancer survivor of 4 years, was fund raising for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

This is our very first quilt. We made it using the Fernwood Collection from Northcott/Monarch (a 2004 collection dedicated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia) and donated it for the raffle on the auction night. Suzanna, along with 19 other breast cancer survivors, rode Harley-Davidsons from Sydney to Noosa as a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Week. This event has also been held in the USA and in the UK, some of the riders from these events came to participate in the Australian ride.
As our friend enjoyed her ride for Breast Cancer, we enjoyed developing the quilt to celebrate her survival, and that which none of us patchworkers can do without, ...Love!

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