Little Charmers Series #3 Gift Box

This delightful quilt is very popular, once again designed for 5" charm squares and has been made from Faded Memories, a very pretty fabric range.

Finished size is approx 44"x44". Instructions are also included for two other quilt sizes measuring approx 44"x79" and 80"x80".

This quilt is no more difficult than those previously but does need patience. It's certainly worth the effort and looks stunning when complete.

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Little Charmers Series #6 Twisted Trail

The final design in Series #1, and definitely the trickiest. Based on a traditional Snail Trail block, it's seriously twisted! Once again 5" charm squares are used along with a stunning contrast to add drama. Beautiful subtle results could be achieved with pastels or pretty blends.

Finished size is approx 39"x39". Instructions are also included for a medium quilt 39"x66" and large quilt measuring 66"x66".

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Little Charmers Series #5 Hayley's Heart

This quilt was originally made using 3 Sisters Sanctuary collection. It was as beautiful as the heart of the person who received it as a gift. Unfortunately the details in the beautiful pastels don't photograph well and so we remade the quilt in Mrs March's fabrics.

We embroidered a bullion rose in the small squares and there are 3 different sizes included in the pattern, along with 3 different border treatments, so you can mix and match. They also range in difficulty, with the one pictured being the most difficult. We wanted the lattice design to frame the quilt.

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Little Charmers - Heritage Charm

This is perfect for 5" charm squares and fat quarters.  A traditional Aunt Dinah block made from our stash.
Finished size is approx 43"x43" or you might like something larger, instructions are included for medium 43"x80" and large 80"x80".

The Little Charmers Series is designed to build your skills & confidence, starting with a fairly easy to manage quilt, adding challenges and interest as we move through the quilts.

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Little Charmers - Evening Star

The second in our 5" charm square series incorporating a traditional Sawtooth Star block.

This quilt is fast becoming a favourite measuring 38"x38".  This one was made in Mistletoe Manor. A delightful tablecloth or wall hanging for Christmas or indeed for any time of the year.

Instructions also include a medium-sized quilt 38"x76" & large quilt measuring 76"x76".

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Little Charmers - Card Trick

This little card trick quilt is just perfect for using 5" charm squares and to showcase your favourite quilting motif.  This one was made from Blackbird's Sweet Romance collection. Finished size is approx 55"x41". Instructions are also included for a medium-sized quilt 55"x69" & large quilt measuring 69"x98".

Accurate cutting & seam allowances make for beautiful professional looking points and a very cute little quilt.

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Children Learn What They Live

This is a sneak preview of a lovely applique pattern based on the verse "Children Learn What They Live" by ... such a positive encouragement.

A gorgeous farewell gift, this quilt is currently residing in Cambodia with friends who are working with children.

It is based on a 12" block, quilt-as-you-go style and the pattern will be released before March 2009. As you can see, there is applique and embroidery, which can be sewn either by machine or hand, and some traditional block work. It is quite quick and effective with a lasting message to be treasured for generations.

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Passage to India

This quilt was another gift when Julie went to India. It was given as a thank you gift for hospitality & now graces the living room of a delightful elderly Indian lady. We have close connections and are very interested in the work of the Mukti Mission in India.

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Suzanna's Journey

Breast cancer has touched each of our lives. At the same time as our quilt was evolving, our friend Suzanna, a breast cancer survivor of 4 years, was fund raising for the Breast Cancer Network of Australia.

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Quest for a Cure 2006

In the midst of all our quilt projects we are committed to "giving back". Given our Breast Cancer Awareness origins & in line with our vision statement, we gifted a quilt to "Margie's Quilts of Hope 2006". We were limited in that we could use only Northcott fabrics & so produced a completely different look, a very dramatic effect with the pastel pinks and black, to the cottage charm of the previous quilts.

This quilt now graces the waiting room of a specialist clinic in Toowoomba.

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